Last week, a 33-year-old New Yorker named Elizabeth Gomes hopped aboard the northbound A train at the city's JFK Airport Station in the wee hours of the morning. At some point during the passenger's trip, she was approached by a serial criminal who once killed his own Grandmother during his teens, named Waheed Foster (41) before rejecting his advances and exiting the train. Engaged by her refusal to engage, Foster exited the train too, in hot pursuit of Gomes, and that's when the vicious on-camera attack began.

Security footage from the subway station depicts Foster grabbing Gomes from behind, slamming her up against the ticket booth, and unleashing a ferocious bevy of punches and kicks. A bystander tried to be a good samaritan by intervening, but he was chased off by Foster in a matter of seconds, who then continued to dish out a horrific beat down on the mother of two before leaving her lying in a puddle of her own blood. After the attack, Gomes was rushed to the Flushing Hospital Medical Center in Queens, where it was determined that she suffered a ruptured eye socket, a substantial loss of blood, and multiple head wounds. It has been nearly one week since the assault, and according to reports, Gomes is facing a lengthy recovery process.

The assailant from the wild on-camera incident was apprehended by the Transit Bureau Robbery Squad shortly thereafter. The 41-year-old parolee now faces multiple assault charges. Upon Foster's arraignment at Queens Criminal Court, he was denied bail, per the Judge's orders.

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Source: MSN