A photo showing a frantic A$AP Rocky in a mosh pit this past weekend at Rolling Loud NYC 2022 went viral and sparked several memes and jokes. However, the Harlem rapper wasn't as amused as everyone else when he spoke out about what he was subjected to while in the mosh pit. 

“That sh** not funny,” he wrote. “Sum lil bit was squeezing the life out my n**z, b.”

While the mosh pit provided the internet with laughs and content for a few days, Rocky also spoke out about his set being cut short after only nine songs. He tweeted an apology to fans and took full responsibility for the condensed experienced. 

“I am so hurt right now!” he tweeted Sunday night. “Last night was supposed to be a turning point in my live show from the old to new!  I prepared the best show for my fans, detail for detail, over the course of MONTHS. I was unfortunately not able to bring my vision to fruition and Im hurt about that and I want to apologize to all of my fans.”

Source: Instagram.com