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In this clip, George Chidi spoke about Atlanta rapper Babydrill, real name Delquiristo Wilson, being behind bars for the death of a man named Grady Scott. Vlad then pointed out how a music video is being used in the case, and George added that it’s been extremely difficult to get documents related to the case. This led to a discussion about Lil Baby’s close friend and fellow rapper Lil Marlo being killed in Atlanta. Chidi explained that some people tried to link the incident to Babydrill, but George went on to detail why that’s highly unlikely. Vlad also spoke about how Lil Baby’s career took off while Lil Marlo was still in the streets because his career didn’t blow up yet. George then explained how the music industry could change things “if they had a social conscience,” and he went on to question where Lil Marlo would be today.