Al Sharpton clearly wasn't welcome in Del Rio, TX as he visited the Hatiain encampment for Haitians fleeing their home country. 

Sharpton's visit was quite short and he only stuck around for a brief presser. But during the press conference, Sharpton found himself being heckled by people in the crowd. According to reports, the hecklers were Latino and told Sharpton repeatedly, "we don't want you in Texas." 

“How much money are you making out of this?” asked one heckler. Another said, “Why are you stoking racism where it doesn’t exist?” adding, “Why are you here advocating for violence?”

“Del Rio is not a racist city! Del Rio is a loving, caring community!” they yelled. “We don’t want your racism in Texas! Get out of here! Nobody wants to hear your racist nonsense in Del Rio! You’re a disgrace! You’re a racist! Nobody wants you in Texas! Nobody wants you in Texas!”