Asian Doll has possibly moved on to a new relationship after spending most of the past year grieving over the loss of her ex-boyfriend, King Von.

A pair of Instagram comments have led followers to believe that the Texas rapper is now dating Kodak Black's former friend and artist, Jackboy. Last week, Jackboy called Asian Doll his heart in a comment he shared on one of her Instagram posts. That same week, Asian Doll announced she had a boyfriend on Twitter by writing, "When y'all see me with my Boyfriend in a couple days mind your business."

Yesterday, the pair exchanged more messages in the comment section of one of Asian Doll's recent posts. Jackboy wrote, "Bought her a birkin 2 hold my [gun emoji]," to which Asian Doll responded, "Baby [heart emoji]."

The exchange caused over 200 replies from fans and followers, who offered their thoughts on the rumored couple. Asian Doll and Jackboy have not confirmed whether they are dating or not.

Look above to view their exchange.