Update 05/06/2021 1:57pm:

G Herbo is reportedly considering a plea deal after facing additional charges for allegedly lying to the FBI and Secret Service about his relationship to a co-defendant in his fraud case.

According to the new indictment, the Secret Service and FBI had been trailing the rapper and his co-defendants for years before G Herbo voluntarily interviewed with the feds in 2018. As previously reported, G Herbo denied any relationship with Antonio Strong, the alleged ringleader of the identity theft scheme.

"In truth and in fact, as the defendant knew: (a) since at least 2016, Strong worked with and assisted him; (b) he provided Strong money; (c) he received things of value from Strong, including private jet charters, luxury accommodations, and exotic car rentals; and (d) he had frequent direct contact with Strong, including telephone conversations, text messages, and Instagram direct messages," read the new legal documents.

Despite pleading not guilty to identity theft, aiding and abetting, and conspiracy to commit wire fraud charges, G Herbo is considering a plea deal to avoid a potential five-year sentence for lying to federal agents. He's already facing 65-75 months for his original charges.

"The parties have engaged in preliminary plea negotiations, but it is premature to determine whether this case will be resolved with guilty plea(s)," wrote Andrew E. Lelling, United States Attorney.

A status hearing is scheduled for August, which is when a decision on taking a plea deal could be made. The new charges have been added to G Herbo's fraud case, so he remains free under the terms of his $75,000 bond.

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Source: AllHipHop

Original 05/05/2021 8:11pm:

G Herbo is facing additional charges in his fraud case after he allegedly lied to a federal agent investigating the $1.5 million in fraudulent charges.

The Chicago rapper is accused of lying to a federal agent in November 2018 about his connection to rap promoter Antonio Strong, the alleged ringleader of the identity theft scheme. G Herbo said he never paid Strong, received any goods from him, nor had a direct relationship with the co-defendant.

However, court documents say phone conversations, text messages, and Instagram DMs showed that G Herbo was in contact with Strong. His charges also alleged that he had received private jet charters, luxury accommodations, and exotic car rentals from Strong since at least 2016.

In December 2020, G Herbo and five others were charged with conducting a multi-year fraud scheme in which stolen credit cards and identities were used to live a lavish lifestyle. The rapper pleaded not guilty to wire fraud and identity theft charges that have him facing at least 65-75 months in federal prison. 

If convicted of his new charge of making a false statement to a federal agent, G Herbo faces an additional five years.