Update 05/06/2021 12:59pm:

Dr. Umar Johnson was trending on social media yesterday after he called out "YouTubian, beta male, wannabe life coaches" who were profiting off of degrading Black women. Many viewers of his Instagram Live assumed he was talking about Kevin Samuels, although his name was never mentioned.

While speaking out against the group of Youtubers, Dr. Umar claimed many of them were regurgitating his talking points while publicly speaking out against him. Since making his claims, social media users have brought back a clip where Kevin Samuels criticizes Dr. Umar.

In the months-old clip, Kevin Samuels responds to a female caller asking him why he doesn't address women more respectfully like Dr. Umar. The popular Youtuber proceeded to call out Dr. Umar's family life and failure to build a school.

"You mean Dr. Umar Johnson, the man who has two children by two different women that he never married," Samuels responded. "Dr. Umar Johnson, the guy [who] in the last ten years has not built brick one of the school he's collected money from?"

Kevin Samuels continued by imitating and mocking Johnson. Samuels eventually gave Johnson a shout-out and said he had no problem with him before the clip concluded.

Check out the above clip to hear Kevin Samuels' full remarks.

Original 05/05/2021 4:34pm:

Many followers believe Dr. Umar Johnson is calling out popular YouTuber Kevin Samuel after he made a number of remarks on Instagram.

On Instagram Live, Dr. Umar talked about building up Black women while speaking out against YouTube "life coaches." He accused some of regurgitating his talking points despite publicly speaking out against him. When speaking about the life coaches, he said he's counted "12 different YouTubian, beta male, wannabe life coaches that are out there slandering Black women, attacking Black women, degrading Black women."

"I count about a dozen, I'ma call them the Dirty Dozen of Division. The Triple D, the Dirty Dozen of Division," Dr. Umar said in the above clip. "There's about 12 members of the Dirty Dozen of Division. Twelve beta males, YouTube life coaches, who are trying to build a platform by making Black women feel bad. I don't like it."

Dr. Umar didn't mention Kevin Samuels or anyone else, but many viewers typed Kevin Samuels' name as he made his statements. He continued by criticizing the "Dirty Dozen of Division" for profiting off of "making Black women feel bad." He also took issue with the Black women who participate in the episodes.

"I can't appreciate Black men trying to make a dollar off of making Black women feel bad and, unfortunately, our Black women -- some of them are so thirsty for validation that they're participating!" he said. "They're participating in the attacks and slander against the Black female community and that's not acceptable."

In a separate Instagram post, Dr. Umar doubled down on his remarks and wrote, "There is a growing beta male YouTubian community that is creating a sector dedicated to slandering & criticizing Black women who don't emulate Eurocentric standards of beauty & success. Unfortunately, many sisters have become prey for these c**ns due to an unconscious need for male validation. Black women, you don't need a man to validate your worth."