Reports surfaced noting a 21-year-old woman named Areline Martinez was shot in the head after a fake kidnapping went left.

The incident has been referred to as an “accident” and happened while a group of friends tried to stage a fake kidnapping for TikTok. Authorities noted that the friends who were involved in the staged kidnapping reportedly fled once the woman was shot. However, there was behind-the-scenes footage posted to TikTok that revealed the individuals present at the time of the shooting.

Chihuahua state attorney general Cesar Peniche Espejel spoke on the incident, saying, “If anyone has a criminal responsibility, he will have to answer. There are several facts to investigate: the unfortunate death of the young woman and the origin of that weapon and how it came to her hands.” Reports noted the videos of the incident were posted to Martinez’s TikTok before being taken down by the app. The videos reportedly featured the woman was shown blindfolded, tied up at her hands and feet, while a gun was being pointed at her head.

Source: The Independent