Glasses Malone dropped the video for his latest track, "2Pac Must Die (Orlando Anderson)," which tells the story of the Las Vegas shooting that involved 2Pac. The rapper later died from his injuries from the shooting, and rumors swirled for decades about who was responsible. 

Through various interviews in recent years, some conducted here on VladTV, the story of what happened in Las Vegas has become more clear. The incident seemingly started after 2Pac jumped Orlando "Baby Lane" Anderson at the MGM following the Mike Tyson fight after learning that Lane stole a Death Row member's chain prior to the fight. The incident reportedly led to Lane and his fellow Southside Compton Crips to shoot and kill 2Pac after seeing him in a car driven by Suge Knight after the incident at the MGM. 

Glasses Malone uses his video and song to step into the perspective of Anderson and detail the dangers of gangbanging, which is highlighted at the end of the song when Malone states, "This gangbangin' sh*t's so costly." 

Malone spoke about the track during a video premiere last week, telling the crowd, "If y’all are tired of people dying. Y’all know people dying. Y’all know what happened with Nip. Y’all know what happened with certain homies on the street sh*t, is because nobody telling nobody else the truth. So what I’m here to do is I can’t sell you hope. Y’all can buy that sh*t from other rappers. I’ma sell you the truth. And then its up to you to do what you wanna do with the education. All I can do is bring it to you."