A$AP Rocky is currently being held in a Swedish correctional facility as he faces possible assault charges stemming from an encounter between him and his crew and two local men. The viral video showed Rocky and crew get the best of the two men, in something Swedish authorities are describing as a "gross" assault. Since Rocky was apprehended by police in Stockholm it has been reported that the Harlem native finds himself locked up in inhumane conditions. News of Rocky being held in a "disease-ridden" facility only amplified the call to see A$AP Rocky get back to the States. 

New York Congressman Adriano Espaillat of New York's Thirteenth Congressional District has vowed to see Rocky returned home. Rep. Espaillat stated on July 10th that he addressed several letters to the U.S. State Department, U.S. Embassy in Sweden, and the Swedish Ambassador in Washington to see Rocky receive justice in this case. 

Congressman Espaillat hopes to shed light on A$AP Rocky as a vital part of the Harlem community, stating: “He’s part of a growing, young movement of artists that, first of all, I commend because they identify with the neighborhood where they live, which in this case is Harlem, [...] Harlem is a neighborhood that is very special because Harlem is not just about the Apollo or 125th Street. It’s really about an attitude and a personality and a history and a legacy. And so, for him to be a young person and continue to identify with Harlem, and be a strong presence of the artist community in Harlem, is great. That’s why I’m going to bat for him.”

Rep. Espaillat also explained how Rocky's detainment is a violation of his rights citing Article 36 of the Vienna Convention. Congressman Espaillat told Complex,

"This is an article within the Vienna Convention for Consular Relations which basically entitles any foreign national in any country to contact the embassy right after an arrest. It is concerning that this right was not extended to him. Or at least to our knowledge, he has not contacted the embassy there or was not offered, immediately after his arrest, the ability to contact his country’s representatives in Sweden."

Source: complex.com