Although he's currently incarcerated awaiting trial for a double murder against two of his associates, YNW Melly's popularity has only risen as streams of his records have skyrocketed following his arrest. Meanwhile, his Instagram page has been updated periodically over the last few months, where most recently a recording was released of a phone call from Melly in jail.

During the call, the "Murder on my Mind" artist appears to be in good spirits as he praises God and hints at the potential that he'll soon be released, sharing a message with his fans to say: "God is real... he has cleansed my soul, he has blessed me tremendously."

From there, Melly praises the lord further, claiming that the reason why people know about him and his music is because of him, while also adding that "he's the reason that I'm coming home, nobody else."

Melly then concluded the call by thanking and expressing his love to his fans, as the caption for the post noted that he appreciates all the "prayers and positive energy being sent his way," as he's reportedly facing the death penalty on two counts of first-degree murder. 

Source: Instagram